Wellesbourne Allotments
Growing Our Own Food Since 1838

Our Plots

We have some of the best soils in England for growing fruit and vegetables – soil which has been worked and improved by generations of Wellesbourne residents since at least the 1880s, making us some of the oldest allotments in the country.

Our plots are let as half plots and occasionally as quarter plots.

We are proud of being a friendly and inclusive Association.

Dig Allotments by © Rob Lavers

Dig Allotments by © Rob Lavers


We are vibrant community of 150 Allomenteers, working 97 Plots in 7 acres. Our site has been feeding the village since at least 1838 and has incredible history, making us some of the oldest allotments in the UK

We have some of the best soils in England for growing fruit and vegetables – soil which has been worked and improved by generations of Wellesbourne residents since at least the 1838, making us some of the oldest allotments in the country.

Some of our current plot holders can count back at least three generations of family who have grown on the site while others are new to the area, new to allotments and bring young children to their plots. Our latest survey showed more than 600 villagers receive fresh and wholesome allotment produce from our plot holders.

We are proud of being a friendly and inclusive Association, bringing together people of all ages and backgrounds who share a common interest in grow your own. Some of our current plot holders can count back at least three generations of family who have grown on the site while others are new to the area with young children

Our site is 7 acres with 97 plots which are currently let mostly as half sized allotments, however there a few quarter sized plots too. Rental fee includes use of the water supply.

  • HALF SIZE = approx 5m wide x 50m long 250 sq meters at £29 per year

  • QUARTER SIZE = approx 5m wide x 25m long =125 sq meters at £14.50 per year

    Annual rent is paid at the Association’s AGM - usually held in February.

DEMENTIA FRIENDLY PLOT - If you are interested to learn more about the Dementia Friendly Plot please contact OSCARS - Contact: Heather Brown, 07964 683146 or visit the Café WRAP at Wellesbourne Village Hall on Wednesday afternoon from 2pm to 4pm. .

New allotment holders welcome

New allotment holders welcome



 We welcome all applications to become a plotholder. No previous experience is necessary, just an enthusiasm to grow our own fruit, veg or flowers.

The waiting list for plots is currently approx 6 months, although many factors can shorten or lengthen the amount of time spent on the waiting list. First priority always goes to residents of Wellesbourne Parish, however inquiries from non-residents are very welcome. Our Lettings priority policy can be found here

Every year a few plots become available to re-let at the start of the tenancy year (February/March) or occasionally during the year, if a vacancy becomes available.

We maintain a short waiting list which is managed by our Lettings Secretary Simon Oram (plot #33B). Please contact him by email: lettingsATwellesbourneallotments.co.uk or call Simon on t: 01789 840704 giving your name address, email and tel contact details. He will be able to put you on the waiting list. Or Apply below

Each Plot Holder is required to pay £5 refundable deposit for their gate key and £50 Plot deposit. Plot deposit is refundable when the lease is terminated and provided the plot is left in same condition as when it was first leased.

Potato planting

Potato planting



 All plot holders are given a letting and rent booklet which also contains our rules and constitution. We have also have four Section Representatives from among the committee and they should be your first point of contact if you have any queries or concerns.

Plots -1 -16 Section Rep Ken Manning on Plot 24A & 31A

Plots 17 - 31 Section Rep Malcolm Larby on Plot 31B

Plots 32 - 46 Section Rep Simon Oram on Plot 33B

Plots 47 - 61 Section Rep Mary Geisler on Plot 59F

Find a copy of the constitution and rules here

Plot Inspections - regular inspections are made of every plot on the site to ensure plots are being actively worked and comply with minimum standard of upkeep. See the Events pages for the next inspection dates. See Rules here

Allotment competition

Every year we hold a free allotment competition. All plots on the site are assessed by external and impartial judge. Best Kept Allotment cup and runners up prizes are presented at the following years AGM in February. In addition, a Best Newcomer award is presented to someone who has held their plot for a year of less.

The judge works against a discrete scoring system to ensure all plots are assessed equally and fairly. Judging occurs once a year, usually in mid summer when crops are flourishing and their quality can be observed, Competition results are posted on the site notice board and announced on Facebook & Twitter.

The RHS guideline here and the points form here might help you be successful!


The site has a Green Shed shop which sells bamboo canes, growmore, blood fish and bone, poultry fertilizer and lime and also includes some gardening gloves. Prices are on the noticeboard. If you would like to purchase anything, please ask a member of the committee when you are down on your plot and they can open up for you or email committeeATwellesbourneallotments.co.uk and we can arrange a time to meet you there

Creating a toddler friendly allotment

Creating a toddler friendly allotment

Female Orangetip © Eve England

Female Orangetip © Eve England


LOOKING FOR Inspiration?

Over the years, our plot holders have been telling their stories in the Wellesbourne and Walton News.

November 2018: Steve & Sandy got an allotment as part of their new living healthy regime following Steve’s debilitating stroke.

October 2018: new allotment holders John and Gillian describe their first few months as new allotment holders – and the support they had received from other plot holders.

September 2018: Carly & Peter - a young family explains how they are creating a toddler friendly allotment

July 2018: Richard Bacon talks about the changes he has seen on the allotments in the 28 years he has been working his plot

All Plot Holders Stories


There have been occasional thefts from the allotments. Usually, the offenders come from the fields over the long and exposed side of the site.  However, non-allotment holders have been seen walking in through open gates.  It is important that the side gate (to Mountford Close) is locked before and after you enter the site, and that the Kineton Road gate is closed and locked from evening to morning.

The thefts range from mechanical items, tools and also personal belongings.  Please consider carefully when leaving anything of either personal or monetary value on site, even in a locked shed.

If you do padlock your own sheds, then be aware that the thieves have often ripped doors off to gain access.  Some people have chosen not to lock their sheds at all.  It is important that everybody takes responsibility for their own security of sheds and contents.  Basically, it is much safer NOT to leave valuables in sheds.

If you spot anyone suspicious, or identify any strange behaviour, please contact the committee members and/or police as appropriate. 


Safety is important for everyone.  Whether it be a fork through the foot, a splinter or simply falling on uneven surfaces, we do not wish anyone to come to harm.  As such, there are a few simple words of advice to follow to ensure:

  1. There are not always other plot holders present, but whenever possible, please be mindful of where other people are on site should you require assistance.  Keep half an eye on them too!

  2. Always carry a mobile phone and keep it to hand. It's not much use if you fall and the phone is at the other end of your plot.

  3. Use some common sense if you are lifting/moving/climbing things on your plot. Do not take unnecessary risks and cause injury to yourself.  Backs give way quickly and easily, whilst falls from even low heights can disable you!

Should you require assistance from the emergency services, here are the details accordingly:


Wellesbourne Allotments,
Vehicular access to allotments between 27 & 29 Kineton Road OR
Pedestrian-only access between 36 & 38 Mountford Close,
Wellesbourne, Warwickshire, Post code CV35 9NF

World-wide Grid (WSG)94 (used in Sat Navs) Latitude 52°10'23"  Longitude 001°34'46"
Ordnance Survey OSGB36 Latitude 52°10'21.3363 Longitude 001°34'52.5903?
OS Grid Ref = TM 44846 58796