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Growing Our Own Food Since 1838
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You do not have to be a plot holder to be involved in the campaign to save our village Allotments for future generations to enjoy. Whilst many do not have the time or inclination to grow their own food, they do however feel passionately about protecting the allotment culture in the UK which has been a part of the British way of life for 100’s of years.

Everyone has a skill they can contribute. From a few hours a year to a few hours every month, Friends of Wellesbourne Allotments play a crucial role in supporting the campaign. Whether it’s a maildrop just to your neighbours in your street, writing a one off letter to our local MP’s to creating articles for publication in the Press, collect petition signatures or helping out at community events like the Street Fayre & Open Days, helping out with site maintenance or supporting projects such as the Dementia Friendly Plot. It all ads up and it all matters. Some Friends provide professional skills or expertise such as Photography, Video, Legal, Planning, IT, Social Media, Graphic Design, Bio-Diversification, etc. We welcome any suggestion you may have.

Engage With Local MP& Councillors

Write A Letter- Please do not under-estimate the power of a writing a simple letter in support of the Allotments in Wellesbourne to both our local MP’s and Councillors. It’s important to write in your own words. Here is an example of the sort of thing to mention.

MP For Southam & Kenilworth- Rt.Hon Jeremy Wright - Jubilee House, Smalley Place, Kenilworth, CV8 1QG

MP For Southam & Kenilworth- Rt Hon Matt Western - Town Hall, Parade, Leamington Spa, CV32 4AT Matt Western MP, House of Commons, SW1A 0AA

District Cllr. For Wellesbourne East - Anne Parry - 19 John Taylor Way , Moreton Morrell, Warwick , CV35 9DH

District Cllr. For Wellesbourne West - Danny Kendall - 1 Honeysuckle Lane , Wellesbourne, Warwickshire, CV35 9SG

Find the name & address of your Parish Councillor here. Write a letter or you can attend any of the Parish Council Meetings and raise your concerns there too.

Collect Petition Signatures

Download and print off our paper petition form. Collect signatures from family, friends, neighbours, work colleagues etc and return them to us by post at WAA c/o 10 Debden Close, Wellesbourne, CV35 9TH or drop them off in the suggestions box attached to the Notice Board at our Allotment Site CV35 9NE

SOWA Paper Petition - pdf - download

SOWA Paper Petition - word.doc - download

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“When agricultural land, the soil that feeds us and that we regard as our home, becomes a globally tradable commodity and an object of speculation, there’s a lot at stake: our food security, the viability and quality of ecosystems and natural areas, small-scale farming, the economic and cultural cohesion in local communities and regions within Europe, and our society’s intergenerational contract” (Heubuch, 2016, p.4).
— Maria Heubuch is a German politician and Member of the European Parliament representing Germany since July 2014. She is a member of the Alliance 90/The Greens, part of the European Green Party